Week 12


Making progress slowly, but not giving up. I started at 249# 12 weeks ago. Total weight loss 11.4# and 23.4# from my heaviest. I am still losing one pound a week. My new short term goal is 229#. I found a quote today that related to my slow and steady progress. I liked it, therefore I am sharing it with you.

“Everything changed when I figured out that big moves only come from lots of small moves. The tension of wanting things to happen overnight fell away. It took the pressure off and let me focus on putting in the daily effort that creates real growth.” – Cory Allen

I have lost approximately 5% of my body weight, which doesn’t seem like much, BUT even 5% has positive effects on the body. Extra fat can cause inflammation in the body, which can damage body tissues, including joints. 10 extra pounds adds 40 pounds of pressure to knees and other lower body joints. I have less pain now in my hips and in my knees. That is an improvement.

5% weight loss can lower the risk of breast cancer by 12%. Less fat will decrease the likelihood of developing insulin resistance and diabetes. Losing body fat can raise my HDL cholesterol level. Higher HDL levels are beneficial for the body. I am looking forward to my next annual exam. (I have never said that before).

I hope these entries encourage you, if you too are working to improve your health.

Keep moving forward, one step at a time.

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