Week 8!?

140 pounds 9/13/2022

Time flies too quickly. I have failed to post for several weeks now. Total weight lost – 9 pounds. I am down to 240. It hasn’t been easy. I lost, then gained, then lost some more. An average of 1 pound per week isn’t bad. I was recently reminded, that about 2 years ago, I weighed 262 pounds. I feel good about my progress, and a little proud of myself.

This journey started with the goal of not only losing weight, and decreasing my BMI, but also to become more healthy and to understand why I have such difficulty in seeking and maintaining a healthy weight. I have found that I lack consistency. I begin a project, or plan, and go headstrong into it for a few weeks and then forget and move onto my next project or plan.

Hello. This blog…. see what I mean?

This is not an easy habit to overcome, but I am working on it. Stick with me.

For those of you interested on how I am accomplishing my goals. I am practicing CICO (calories in, calories out); portion control; a drastic reduction in sugar intake (because sugar’s the devil); I am less sedentary; I am working on reducing stress to reduce cortisol levels; and finally attempting (not yet succeeding) at regular exercise.

As far as exercising is concerned, I am told, if you do things you enjoy, you are more likely to stick with it. I like to walk, but I love to be outside. Therefore I look for pretty trails or parks to walk.

I appreciate ya’ll staying with me, as I continue to grow (and shrink.)

Walking for exercise and stress reduction.
Beautiful surroundings help me want to walk.
Peaceful 🙂

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