Stinky Hoodies

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When my little girl was a baby, I played a game with her called “stinky hoodies”. I would put my nose to her little chubby toes and exclaim “Eeeewwwww, stinky hoodies!” while making all sorts of faces. She would laugh uncontrollably. Every. Single. Time. It was her favorite game.

She is now a young lady, and has recently developed a real issue with foot odor. It is no longer a “stinky hoodie” situation. In searching for a natural remedy for her issue, I remembered that I already, in fact, knew how to help her and had used the natural method in the past with other family members.

Remember, this is not medical advice. If you feel you have an issue that requires medical attention, please see a doctor.

I made a pot of black tea. I placed three family sized tea bags in a saucepan of water. Brought the tea bags to a boil, turned off the heat, and let it steep. I then poured the tea into a basin, added enough cold water to the tea to make it comfortably warm and deep enough for her to soak her feet.( No sugar added) I threw away the tea bags. I then had my daughter soak her feet in the basin for 10 minutes. While her feet were soaking, I put odor eliminating powder in her favorite worn out sneakers.

It worked wonderfully! Foot odor is no longer an issue. I have used this method three times, for three different family members. It has worked every time.

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