I am an RN. I have worked as a school nurse, all over the hospitals, in critical care, on the cardiac floor, orthopedics, in ICUs, and now in hospice. I have worked with those who have injured themselves, those who have lived in poor health throughout their lives, those who have contracted diseases that had nothing to do with their own health choices.

I have seen patients on so many medications and realized with some healthier choices, these people would not need the medications they rely on. I began to think about our own responsibility for our health.

I also began to think about our healthcare system and how it has changed in the last decade. A great number of my middle class friends and colleagues have no health insurance. Recently I was uninsured. What would happen if my poor health choices led me to be hospitalized for a week or two? It would be financially devastating. Healthcare is expensive and many, at this point can not only not afford the insurance, but they can’t afford the doctor’s visits. Do people really understand the personal responsibility in maintaining one’s own health? Or that we can reduce those costs by caring well for ourselves?

I also realized that each time I go to the doctor’s office for an issue, the answer I receive almost every time is a new medication. Almost all of my hospice patients, who are over 100 years of age, take no medications. Is a new medication for every illness or injury the right thing for my health? Is it for yours?

All of this led me to my journey into learning about naturopathic healing and health and alternative medicines. Acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbs, essential oils, reiki. There are so many natural options to explore. I started this blog to explore them with you, and include you in my journey as I expand my knowledge, open my eyes to new things and start changing-me.

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