Stinky Hoodies

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When my little girl was a baby, I played a game with her called “stinky hoodies”. I would put my nose to her little chubby toes and exclaim “Eeeewwwww, stinky hoodies!” while making all sorts of faces. She would laugh uncontrollably. Every. Single. Time. It was her favorite game.

She is now a young lady, and has recently developed a real issue with foot odor. It is no longer a “stinky hoodie” situation. In searching for a natural remedy for her issue, I remembered that I already, in fact, knew how to help her and had used the natural method in the past with other family members.

Remember, this is not medical advice. If you feel you have an issue that requires medical attention, please see a doctor.

I made a pot of black tea. I placed three family sized tea bags in a saucepan of water. Brought the tea bags to a boil, turned off the heat, and let it steep. I then poured the tea into a basin, added enough cold water to the tea to make it comfortably warm and deep enough for her to soak her feet.( No sugar added) I threw away the tea bags. I then had my daughter soak her feet in the basin for 10 minutes. While her feet were soaking, I put odor eliminating powder in her favorite worn out sneakers.

It worked wonderfully! Foot odor is no longer an issue. I have used this method three times, for three different family members. It has worked every time.

Changing Me

I have been unkind to myself. The result of which is poor health, a home in disarray and a life that most of the time feels like it controls me. Therein lies the problem. Life has gotten out of control…. Too much work, too much clutter, too much disorganization, too much food, too little fun, too little exercise, too much weight, too little health. This feeling of being out of control has been growing and growing. Now I feel as if I am drowning in it. It is time to take control, but how? What do I want my life to be like? Will I be happy after I reach that goal? Or will I still be searching? What am I even searching for? 

Time. Time to rest, to relax, to enjoy the things I love. The sun, nature, flowers, walks in the woods and on beaches. Fun. Smiles. Laughter. Music. Adventure. Travel. I have felt constricted, confined, pushed down and held back from the experiences I want to have in life, from who I truly am. I don’t want to be tied down any longer. I want to soar.

Soaring at 260 pounds is hard to do. The first thing I have to take care of is my health. I would want better for my patients. I am an RN. I am a hospice nurse. I love my work, but I hate my job. Giving of myself to care for others has been what I have done my entire life. I sacrificed my youth to happily and thankfully raise my 6 children and sometimes more. Giving. I have given everything to my husband of 26 years, and would do it again in a minute, because he gives everything to me. Giving is who I am, and it is what I do. I now give to my daughter and my son who are left at home, my husband and my patients. I give to my adult children and grandchildren when I can squeeze out a little time. But, I do not give to myself.  I save nothing for me.

My job is to go to my patients homes and care for them. Most of the time I drive several hours and day and spend 20 minutes to an hour with each patient. I then go home and chart each visit. I spend a lot of time sitting. In the car. On my computer. I don’t get enough exercise. Weight gain is a result. I have also sacrificed my health through high stress and no medical care as I have no health insurance. Not enough sleep, as I am on call to see patients through the night several times a month. It is not easy. Not to mention the emotional toll, to come to love my patients, and then do my best to help them pass away comfortably as God calls them home.

My career path and my life have led to a place where I want to help people live, rather than help them to die. I want to teach about being the best you can be, the healthiest you can be, and while I am helping you to change you I want to work on changing me. I want to start a journey toward better health. I want a quieter soul and more peace. I want to feel rested and restored. I want to remember how to enjoy this journey I am on, and I want you to join me in becoming a better me.

Welcome to Changing-Me! I hope to see you again soon.


I am an RN. I have worked as a school nurse, all over the hospitals, in critical care, on the cardiac floor, orthopedics, in ICUs, and now in hospice. I have worked with those who have injured themselves, those who have lived in poor health throughout their lives, those who have contracted diseases that had nothing to do with their own health choices.

I have seen patients on so many medications and realized with some healthier choices, these people would not need the medications they rely on. I began to think about our own responsibility for our health.

I also began to think about our healthcare system and how it has changed in the last decade. A great number of my middle class friends and colleagues have no health insurance. Recently I was uninsured. What would happen if my poor health choices led me to be hospitalized for a week or two? It would be financially devastating. Healthcare is expensive and many, at this point can not only not afford the insurance, but they can’t afford the doctor’s visits. Do people really understand the personal responsibility in maintaining one’s own health? Or that we can reduce those costs by caring well for ourselves?

I also realized that each time I go to the doctor’s office for an issue, the answer I receive almost every time is a new medication. Almost all of my hospice patients, who are over 100 years of age, take no medications. Is a new medication for every illness or injury the right thing for my health? Is it for yours?

All of this led me to my journey into learning about naturopathic healing and health and alternative medicines. Acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbs, essential oils, reiki. There are so many natural options to explore. I started this blog to explore them with you, and include you in my journey as I expand my knowledge, open my eyes to new things and start changing-me.